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Environment Inspections

If you suspect that there is mold in your home or business, contact us today to schedule an inspection.

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We Provide Reliable Mold Inspection Service in Winter Park, FL and Central Florida

Mold can be found in almost any type of building, both residential and commercial, especially in damp areas contaminated with moisture. Commonly found on materials like wood, drywall, paper products, and carpets, if you’ve noticed mold spores or stains inside your property in Winter Park, FL, and Central Florida, contact our experts. We’ll provide you with a dependable mold inspection service to accurately determine the extent of your mold problem.

Why Rely on Our Mold Inspection Service & Testing?

Mold inspections and mold testing are crucial to tackle the issue before it turns into a bigger problem. It’s not just about protecting your investment and your valuables, but also about keeping your loved ones, staff, and customers safe. Mold can cause health problems if it is allowed to grow. Long-term exposure may lead to symptoms such as coughing, wheezing, and respiratory distress. Prevent these risks by requesting our mold inspection service and testing.

Get in Touch With Our Mold Inspectors

If you suspect mold growing inside your home or business premises, it’s crucial to act quickly as these spores can spread rapidly through the air. Alongside our mold inspection service in Winter Park, FL, and the surrounding areas, you can also rely on us for water quality testing. We have the tools and the knowledge to ensure your water supply is free of mold, allergens, and any other harmful environmental factors.

We Can Provide the Following Services:

  • Mold Inspection Service and Testing

    Mold can pose a serious problem to your property. Our mold inspector will meticulously examine your property and perform thorough mold testing to determine if you have a mold problem or if your building has conditions conducive to mold growth.

  • WDO Inspections

    Wood Destroying Organisms (WDOs) can cause serious problems for your home. We’ll provide you with an inspection to identify any WDO infestations in your property.

  • Thermal Imaging Inspections

    Thermal imaging is a non-invasive way to detect issues such as damaged circuits, moisture intrusion, or lack of insulation, among other things. Arrange an inspection to uncover hidden problems with your property.

  • Water Testing

    Unseen bacteria, heavy metals, or other contaminants might be present in your water. We’ll take samples of your water and analyze them in a local lab for your peace of mind.