A Handbook To Our Inspection Services

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One of the primary requirements when buying, selling, insuring, or securing a property is a home inspection. However, the type of inspection needed for each of these requirements tends to vary. This can leave you confused when choosing an inspection service. Additionally, when you make a choice, you may not know what you’re missing out on.

At J&C Grandt Inspections, we offer an array of inspection services, from general to specialized inspections, to benefit various needs. To help you and several others understand what our home inspections include and how they vary, we’ve created a handbook to our inspection services. In this handbook, we’ve listed all of our inspection services and what they cover. We’ve even included tips on how you can make the most of the inspections we have to offer. Keep reading to see what they are and how you can make a smart decision.

Home inspections (buyer’s inspection)
For a general home inspection, we visually inspect all major systems of the home being purchased. These systems include:

a. Exterior electrical outlets

b. Coverings

c. Visible foundation and driveways

d. Roofing and attics

e. Water heaters and visible plumbing and connections

f. Electrical panels and all accessible electrical outlets and lighting

g. Windows, doors, interior rooms’ walls, ceilings, floors, HVAC systems, and their functionality

h. Kitchen cabinets

i. Appliances, washers, and dryers

Insurance inspections
For those clients looking to insure their home, we conduct a four-point inspection and also verify wind mitigations and roof certifications. The four-point inspection involves examining electricals, plumbing, roofing and the structure of the building, and its HVAC system. Conducting this form of inspection is essential for older houses as they may have dated systems, features, and installations that are no longer up to standards or safety codes.

Mold and air quality inspections
For those looking to buy a home in areas of high moisture, or one with a basement, or in case they are generally concerned about their health and the quality of air in their potential house, they can benefit from this inspection service. When conducting a mold and air quality inspection, we thoroughly check for the presence of mold, contaminants in the air and any moisture intrusion. That way, we can determine if the place is safe for you and your family.

New construction inspections
In addition to old houses, we also examine new structures as well. For new constructions, we examine pre-drywall, which shows potential deficiencies before the drywall is put up. We even look for hidden deficiencies and conduct final inspections before handover to ensure all the defects have been taken care of by the builder.

Pre-listing inspections
With this inspection service, we aim to help home sellers find out what might need fixing before putting their house on the market. This inspection also reveals what might come up in the buyer’s inspection report. That way, the seller can have it fixed and maybe even enhance the value of their property.

How to make the most of our services?
As leaders in the home inspection industry, our goal is to positively exceed your expectations and help you make the right decisions. Our home inspection services are designed to thoroughly cover a house and identify everything from serious problems to minute issues with its structure and facilities. But to really benefit from our services, you’ll need to:

Make sure the utilities are powered
For any kind of home inspection, you need to make sure that the utilities in the house, such as power and water, are on or running. If they are not, we won’t be able to perform a complete inspection of several important systems that come with the property.

Ask questions
When you choose our services, you will get a thorough inspection report that explains every aspect of the property examined. That said, you are always welcome to ask questions before, during, and even after the inspection. By asking questions, you make it easier for yourself to understand what was uncovered through the inspection and what your options are.

Help us to help you
The more information and documentation we have beforehand, the better our inspection results will be. If possible, try to give us as much detail about the property you want to be inspected and allow us to review the documentation related to different elements of the house and purchase deal. With these aspects, we will know where we need to pay more attention, and if the seller is being elusive.

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